Bringing France to Colorado Springs


You won’t find your average, cookie-cutter bakery here at The French Kitchen. What you will find are two French chefs who are passionate about baking and picky about the results. We make everything entirely from scratch. That means no additives, and no artificial coloring or flavors. Just real, quality ingredients —
European style butter, Belgian chocolate, premium unbleached and unprompted flour, and lots of love.


Tradition Baguette $3.49
Dinner Roll (pack of 6- preorder only) $.84
Half Tradition Baguette $1.79
Sandwich Bread- small
Slice $6.29
Do Not Slice $6.29
Sandwich Bread- large (preorder only)
Slice $11.99
Do Not Slice $11.99
Country Boule (Fri-Sat)
Slice $5.49
Do Not Slice $5.49
Sourdough Boule
Slice $5.49
Do Not Slice $5.49
Hamburger Buns (pack of 4- preorder only) $4.99


Small $1.09
Medium $2.29
Large $2.79
Almond Pain au Chocolat $4.29
Pain aux Raisins $2.79
Brioche $2.29
Pain au Chocolat
Small $1.09
Medium $2.79
Chocolatine $4.79
Apple Turnover $4.79
Palmier $2.49
Almond Croissant $3.79
Cinnamon Twist $2.79


Chocolate Chip Cookie $.99
Cookie Bag $8.40
Chocolate $3.99
Coffee $3.99
Vanilla $3.99
Almond Tile $1.59
Carrot Cake $4.79
Apple Tart $6.99
Napoleon $5.99
Chocolate Mousse (GF) $4.99

Treat Yourself

Cafe Menu

We offer a wide variety of café items, including hot, cold, sweet, and savory dishes. Specialty items will vary. Keep in mind we are a grab-and-go service, so enjoy the perks of French cuisine on the fly!


TDF Croissant $7.99
Quiche Lorraine $7.49
Mushroom Friand (VEG) $7.99
Breakfast Croissant $6.99
Chili Quiche (VEG) $7.99
Croque Monsieur $5.89
Sausage & Cheese Friand $7.99
French Onion Soup $5.99


Ham & Butter Sandwich $6.89
Soppressata Sandwich $7.89
Simple Salad (GF) $2.49
Ham & Brie Sandwich $7.89
Tuna Croissant $8.49
Bahn Mi Sandwich $9.89
Pâté Sandwich $7.89


Imagine yourself stopping at a café on the streets of Paris. Now take a seat by the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a cup of our Italian Coffee or gourmet French tea with a pastry or savory treat — right here at The French Kitchen!

Hot Drinks

Single $1.90
Double $2.40
Freshly Brewed $2.05
Latte $3.10
Hot Chocolate $3.10
Single $3.10
Double $3.80
Latte With 1 Syrup/Sauce $3.55
Tea or Herbal Tea $2.60
Americano $2.40
Café au Lait $2.20
Mocha $3.70

Iced Drinks

Latte $3.80
Mocha with 1 Syrup/Sauce $4.35
Latte with 1 Syrup/Sauce $4.15
Green or Black Tea $2.60
Mocha $4.30

Cold Drinks

Signature Drinks

Bebolo (syrup + flat water) $2.00
Fizzy Bebolo ( syrup + sparkling water) $2.70


12 oz $1.09
Evian Water
12 oz $2.29
Diet Coke
12 oz $1.09
San Pellegrino
12 oz $2.29
12 oz $1.09
12 oz $2.59

Extras & Substitutions

Espresso Shot $.65
Soy Milk $.50
Syrup/Sauce Shot $.50
Almond Milk $.50
Chantilly* $.50
Decaf & Non-fat Milk on request (No charge)

*Chantilly is French for whipped cream! We only serve filtered flat and fizzy water. Syrups made with water from French Alps and no artificial preservatives

Give the gift of togetherness

Nothing connects people more than food!

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The French Kitchen
4771 N Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs
CO 80918

(corner of Flintridge and Academy)

Hours & Closures

Tuesday-Friday: 7am to 6pm
Saturday: 7am to 3pm
Sunday & Monday: closed (except for private events)
Private events can be scheduled outside of opening hours!
Holidays observed: New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day
Annual closure: July 7-21 2019


(719) 528-6295