• First Foods
  • Edible Teething Tamers
  • Organic Vegetable Purees

Class Description

Blandine and I often laugh at the number of similarities we share. Not just our age and entrepreneurial spirit, but our stories of motherhood and how we completely controlled every aspect of our children’s diets, especially for the first few years. No jars or store-bought cuisine, although we each have a story of our offspring utterly refusing a commercial baby food in an emergency moment on a road trip!

In our Baby Food (1st Year) class, we will discuss and create a variety of first foods (in fact, AN ENTIRE WEEK’S WORTH) using seasonal, organic, ingredients as well as inventive edible teething tamers. This class is not just for new parents, but a great opportunity too for grandparents, siblings, guardians, Au Pairs…basically everyone!

Buy 5 Baby Food Classes at once, get a coupon for 1 FREE Baby Food Class (Value $99. Not valid with any other offer. Coupon will be given during the 5th class.) Please note we can open more classes than what you see on the calendar if you have a group of 8 people. Contact us if you are interested in this Private Class option.