• Kolsch-Gaffel – mustard fried chicken bites
  • Hefeweissen-Weihenstephaner – smoked salmon canape
  • Dunkelweiss-Erdinger – sweet soy glazed pork belly
  • Oktoberfest/Marzen-Ayinger – carnitas flauta
  • Pils-Rothaus Tannenzapfle – green apple and brie
  • Doppelbock-Salvator-Paulaner – shitake and onion tartlette
  • Rauchbier-Aecht Schlenkerla – Grilled peach
  • Raspberry Radler – Stiegl

Class Description

New for 2023! Ah, Germany, the spiritual and cultural home of lager, and the annual Oktoberfest, the largest folk festival in the world. A very proud and precise country in all things, and so it is with their beer culture. I have selected these beers with an eye for interesting flavors, traditional classics, and clever food pairings. While we may be tasting classic German styles, none of the food is German, (it would be just too typical to have sauerkraut and pork knuckles!).

Please note: Must be 21+ with valid ID to consume alcoholic beverages.