• Baguettes
  • Dinner Rolls

Class Description

Do you have friends over for dinner? Make your own baguettes and dinner rolls so quickly you won’t believe it! Everyone will think you bought them in a French bakery! Enjoy the rest for breakfast with butter and jam!
A quick and simple class. Learn how to make baguettes and dinner rolls and their variations in a very easy way. At the end of the class, enjoy bread with a variety of toppings and several treats. Leave with dinner rolls, 4 warm baguettes, and 1 batch to make 4 more at home (if you cannot bake your batch right after class, bring a cooler and/or plan to place the dough in a fridge). You will also need to bring with you a 3 to 5 qt mixing bowl and a cloth (to cover the bowl). Please note we teach a different recipe and technique than the Baguettes offered in our Bakery.

*Please Note: Recipes may be altered based on the availability of products.