• Firecracker Chicken Lettuce Cups
  • Quick Kimchi
  • Fish Curry
  • A Cooling Raita
  • Harissa Paste
  • Bison Chili
  • Cajun Crawfish Boil
  • Custom Seasoning Blend
  • Chili, Ginger and Maca Chocolate Truffles

Class Description

I hear it in almost every class . . . “I don’t like spicy”. I get it. I do. You’ve been burned, perhaps literally, by that sneaky sting that creeps up after you’ve taken a bite. But, for every person that proclaims to hate the heat, there are those of us that CRAVE it. Not pain for pain’s sake, but that flavorful burst that makes a dish memorable. If you are one of these brave souls, this class is for you. We are going full throttle and creating brave and balanced dishes like Firecracker Chicken Lettuce Cups and a Cajun Crawfish Boil. We’ll even make custom spice blends and add some sass to chocolate truffles. At the end of class, we’ll test how brave you REALLY are while we enjoy whole Cajun crawfish and Fish Curry and then you will take home a portion of each remaining dish as well as brag worthy recipes to recreate and impress.