• Assorted Salted Caramels (plain and with nuts)
  • Vanilla Bean Truffles
  • Chili Truffles
  • Coconut Creams

Class Description

Do you love chewy, salty caramels and creamy centers?  How would you like to make your own chocolate-covered confections? In this class you will learn how to use a candy thermometer and high-altitude adjustments to make a versatile, satiny caramel and creamy truffles. You will also learn to whip a spicy, dark ganache into a delightful truffle and transform coconut milk into a creamy not-too-sweet delicacy for dipping in chocolate. You will learn the basics of tempering chocolate with a simple thermometer and the art of enrobing your centers in decadent milk and dark Belgian chocolate. The techniques you will learn in this class will enable you to make many types of chocolate candies.

During class you will mix, whip, scoop, and form or cut your centers. We will, of course, sample all our concoctions. Then you’ll dip your centers. Once the chocolate is set you will decorate your candies, put them in papers and foils, then package your treasures in a festive, springtime box. You will take home more than a pound of high-quality chocolates worthy of giving as a gift–but you’ll probably want to keep them. You don’t even have to share!

Please Note: The kitchen will be very cool to allow the chocolate to set correctly.  A sweater or sweatshirt is recommended.

No prerequisites. You do not need to have taken Chocolate with DarLee 1 before taking this class.

This is a seasonal class that only takes place from March to April.

*Please Note: Recipes may be altered based on the availability of products.