• Salads, mixed and composed
  • One pot/pan cooking, with pan sauce

Class Description

New for 2023! Think like a chef! In my career as a chef, one of the most common things that I’ve heard from my guests and the public at large is: “How do you go from following recipes to being able to write them?”. This series of classes aims to address and shine some light on this. You’ll see that there are no recipes listed. This is because I am going to empower you with the knowledge to work with a “black box” of staple ingredients and create your own masterpiece. In this class, we’ll discuss the steps and basic formulas to preparing salads and one-sheet/one-pot meals, and then, with guidance from yours truly, let the “truth set you free”. Coming to each of these classes will help you break free from just following the instructions, enabling you to make informed decisions about what to make with all that stuff that you bought at the store, sitting in your fridge.

At the conclusion of each class, we can all taste what we’ve created, and take some home, as well as some printed notes and guidelines from the class to reference.

*Please Note: Recipes may be altered based on the availability of products.