• Triple Citrus Cupcake
  • Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake
  • German Chocolate Cupcake
  • Vanilla Hazelnut Cupcake
  • Creamsicle Cupcake
  • Classic Red Velvet
  • Devil’s Fudge
  • American Buttercream
  • Fudge Icing
  • French Buttercream

Class Description

Whoever came up with cakes baked in a cup? That’s absurd!! Whether at a birthday party, office party, school party, or in a bakery case, these miniature cakes still capture the imagination and childlike wonder of people of all ages. Chef Nate will take you through 4 different batters and 3 different icings that we will use to transform into 8 different (and delicious) cupcakes. We’ll even add in a few modifications to garnish, purees, fruits, and mix-ins. Between the sublime textures and flavors and Chef Nate’s exceptional decorating tips, these won’t be any old “Plain Jane” cupcakes! Students will leave with a variety of techniques that will take their cupcake game to the next level. At the end of class, each student will take home 8 beautifully decorated cupcakes.

A brand new class from Chef Nate, our newest Pastry and Baking Chef Instructor! He has worked at the Broadmoor for the past 18 years and is eager to share his passion and knowledge with you!

*Please Note: Recipes may be altered based on the availability of products.