• Country Fried Steak
  • Shrimp & Grit Shooters
  • Seasonal Salad
  • Sweet Potato Pie

Class Description

This class is perfect for friends who enjoy cooking together but also for those who want to meet and socialize. Together, we will prepare a 5-course meal then we will dine like Kings and Queens (class includes all menu items listed, as well as a cheese tray, bread, AND wine! – Must be 21+ with valid ID).

Fix & Feast 7 celebrates American country cuisine and this is where Chef Janon shines. Her sawmill gravy that coats the crispy Country Fried Steak is her most tried and true recipe. Coupled with an appetizer twist on Shrimp and Grits along with gooey (homemade) marshmallow topped Sweet Potato Pie, she may just be showing off here (haha!).

Please note that some menus may include dishes that appear in other classes. In the “Fix & Feast” series, there is less preparation and less food to take home, but much more time at the table to enjoy your meal with others.

And by the way . . . our Chef will be enjoying the meal together with everyone! Feel free to pick her brain while you dine.