• Velvety Scrambled Eggs in Bacon Bowls
  • Breakfast Pizza with a Country Gravy base and crispy Bacon topping
  • Mini Quiche including a scratch-made Quick Dough
  • Perfect Pancakes
  • Seasonal Berry Coulis

Class Description

Our Kids Skills Classes are designed to help kids develop a strong foundation of skills for a lifetime of success in the kitchen! Join Chef Janon for an educational and entertaining cooking class where everyone gets to learn hands-on each step of the process to safely create a variety of age-appropriate, yet challenging recipes. Kids will laugh and learn as they build their confidence and master important, lifelong skills like proper knife handling, stove top safety, measuring, weighing, and more! Participants will get to take home any leftovers as well as exclusive brag-worthy recipes to recreate and impress.

A Better Breakfast:
Hey Parents!! Want to spend your weekends sleeping in and waking up to a delectable breakfast already made and waiting for you? I do! That’s why my son is the *official* breakfast cook in MY house. In this EGG-straordinary class, kids get to make inventive favorites like Bacon Bowls and Breakfast Pizza while also learning lifelong techniques that will have them making you breakfast for dinner too!!!

*Please Note: Kids Skills Classes are designed for kids ages 8 to 12, but are open to teens ages 13 to 16. Older or more experienced kids will receive more challenging recipes to master new advanced skills! No chaperones/spectators permitted in class.

Kids Classes are available throughout the year during school breaks or by booking a Private Class.