• Build up your Macaron muscles, as we create elegantly plated (large) Macarons

Class Description

New for 2023! We were right!!! You loved Macaron 101, so it was only natural that we followed it with 201. In this class we will build upon the lessons we learned in 101 as we expand our repertoire. We will refresh ourselves on the macaronage techniques, but then Chef Nate will take you even further to creating larger more technical and sexier macarons that would deserve a place in the Louvre or at least the bakery case at The French Kitchen! Let’s have some fun at the end of class when Chef Nate will demonstrate how to elegantly plate your Macaron to serve as a final course at even the fanciest of parties. Students will take home three picture perfect macarons.

Prerequisite: Macaron 101*. *Please Note: Macaron 101 is a prerequisite for Macaron 201.


A brand new class from Chef Nate, our newest Pastry and Baking Chef Instructor. He has worked at the Broadmoor for the past 18 years and is eager to share his passion and knowledge with you.