• Pomegranate Jeweled Guacamole
  • Beef & Golden Raisin Empanadas
  • Blueberry Tomatillo Salsa
  • Grilled Ceviche
  • Cacao Beef Taquitos
  • Black Bean, Corn & Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  • Tortilla Chips

Class Description

New in 2021! Are the sun-soaked beaches of Mexico beckoning? While I can’t physically take you there, I can teach you some modern takes on classic Mexican dishes for your very own at-home fiesta.  We will bejewel our guacamole with popping pomegranate seeds and twist up our salsa with fresh blueberries and tomatillos. We’ll even play with unique products like jicama and chayote.  At the end of class, you will take home a portion of each dish as well as brag worthy recipes to recreate and impress.