• Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Treats
  • Sweet Potato and Whole Grain Meal Substitute
  • German Shephard’s Pie
  • Scooby Stew
  • Cheese Crackers

Class Description

Have you checked the ingredients label of your favorite fury friend’s food? Even the pricey brands have added fillers and preservatives. Typically, the “meat” or “meat bi-product” they use is inferior and appalling. This class offers you the opportunity to learn how to make the best food for your beloved companion. These are easy, healthy meals full of real meat, vegetables, and grains.  We even make scrumptious treats for your good boys and girls. Using the freshest ingredients, you will go home with multiple meals that your pups will be begging for! Please note this class is only offered as a Private Event. Contact us for more details.