• Mother Sauce: Bechamel
    • Daughter Sauces:
      • Mornay
      • Soubise
      • Country Gravy
  • Mother Sauce: Hollandaise
    • Daughter Sauces:
      • Aioli
      • Béarnaise
      • Maltese
  • Mother Sauce: Velouté
    • Daughter Sauces:
      • Aurora
      • Supreme

Class Description

NEW MENU! Hone your sauce-making skills with three classic cream-based Mother Sauces and a variety of their delicious Daughter Sauces. Learn all the fabulous techniques and saucy skills to create these simple, yet tasty sauces. At the end of class, enjoy a House-Made Baguette as you sample your way through your savory sauces. Take home leftovers as well as brag worthy recipes to recreate and impress.

Want more? Sauces 2 class includes even more saucy recipes that require a bit more time to prepare. No prerequisites required. Take one Sauce class or take them both!