• Pozole Rojo (Red Chile Pork and Hominy Soup)
  • Poblano en Nogada (Stuffed Pepper with Walnut Cream Sauce)
  • Tamales de Elote (Sweet Corn Tamales)
  • Chorizo Empanada
  • Birria (Lamb Stew with Traditional Accompaniments)
  • Frijole Negro Tostadas (Black Bean Tostada)

Class Description

New in 2024! In this class, we head south of the border to explore the flavors and history of one of the most ubiquitous world cuisines. Old-world influences met new-world ingredients to form this often-imitated, rarely replicated rich cultural cuisine. Students will experience an array of cooking techniques, knife skills, and flavor combinations that they will be able to apply to a wide variety of world cuisines. Fresh vibrant ingredients and flavors make this the go-to class for the upcoming calendar. We will enjoy some of our creations in class but will take most of them home to enjoy for several more meals to come. Come hungry, leave happy!

*Please Note: Recipes may be altered based on the availability of products.