• Dulcey Chocolate Exotic Yule Log
  • Dulcey Chocolate Ganache Montée
  • Exotic Gelée
  • Ladyfinger Sponge
  • Hazelnut Feuilletine
  • Dark Chocolate Glaze
  • Dark Chocolate Branches

Class Description

New for 2023! “Chef Nate, what are you doing here? This is Blandine’s class!!” Don’t worry we will still make Yule Logs perfect for the holidays just like they do in the bakeries in France. Chef Nate will teach you some new techniques to make a modern, entremet-style of yule log. (Entremet is just a fancy French term for a layer dessert or cake with different textures and flavors.) We will be making a caramelized white chocolate cream, a super crispy layer with hazelnut paste and Feuilletine, and an exotic gelée made from passion fruit, mango, and bananas. Techniques learned in this class can be used as a springboard for ideas to create your own unique, modern Yule Log at home. Each student will take home a whole entremet-style Yule Log serving 6 to 8 in a cute French box.

A brand new class from Chef Nate, our newest Pastry and Baking Chef Instructor. He has worked at the Broadmoor for the past 18 years and is eager to share his passion and knowledge with you.

*Please Note: Recipes may be altered based on the availability of products.