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For over ten years, The French Kitchen Culinary Center has created a unique all-in-one experience with an authentic French Bakery, Cooking School, Café, and Market. We bake everything from scratch using only quality ingredients – a difference you can taste! We not only survived a pandemic but thrived! We are busier than ever and have expanded to include a Frozen Market of gourmet, chef-prepared baked goods. We are proud to be at the front of the local food scene in Colorado Springs and we look forward to you joining our team and being a part of what’s to come!

We work hard, but we also like to have a little fun along the way!
Don’t believe us? Check out our behind-the-scenes Photo Gallery and see how fun it can be!


Front of the House Positions

Help in our busy Café & Bakery!

We are currently hiring for the positions listed below.
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  • Café Attendant – Out-going, authentic, passionate, and inspiring? Raise your hand if that’s you! If you’re good at what you do, you can work anywhere. If you’re the best at what you do, come work for us!

What do our Café Attendants have to say?

– “What I like the most is that everyday is different. I like the variety.”
– “The people are great.”
– “I like to share the goodness with everybody.”
– “I am super passionate about food and the quality here has blown me away.”  
– “You get immersed in a French get-away…authentic French food, wonderful ambience, and a bustling bistro climate mixed with personal interactions that will make you feel like you’re among friends when you’re here.”

Back of the House Positions

Come cook, bake, or steward for us!

We are currently hiring for the positions listed below.
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  • Baker’s Assistant – Experience? No Experience? Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that  you want to be part of something genuine and good, because at The French Kitchen we are all about good food and good vibes!

What does our Kitchen Staff have to say?

– “Working here is very educational!”
– “I like having nice people to work with.”
– “The people I work with is the reason I come to work.”

Be a Chef Instructor

Sweet and Savory Classes, Private Events, and More!

We are currently hiring for the positions listed below.
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So, what’s the endgame, Chef? What do you really want to do with all that culinary knowledge and experience? What would get you out from behind the Line and into a top-of-the-line Culinary Instructor position? How about Work / Life Balance? How about a steady paycheck with perks? How about getting paid to be continuously creative and routinely applauded for your skills? We can make it a reality.

  • Chef Instructor – General – Cooking changes with the seasons, the years, the trends… your creativity here will be endless! Are you at that point in life where you want to share your passion with an enthusiastic clientele who is always hungry for more knowledge? Then, our Kitchen is your kitchen!
  • Chef Instructor – Pasty and Baking – Is your repertoire filled with a vast and varied pastry and baking knowledge? Our clientele is eagerly waiting for you to share your passion with them. Do you know any better place to do just that than an authentic French Bakery? Nope! This is the place for you!

What do our Chef Instructors have to say?

– “Every day there’s a reason to smile.”
– “Our customers are the absolute best!”
– “My job is genuinely fun and everyone can tell.”
– “Teaching at TFK is a real kick for me because our clients are so much fun! It’s a state-of-the-art facility and, hey, you wont find better food in all of The Springs.”
– “TFK feels like family to me and that allows me to share my passion for cooking and my knowledge of Asian cuisines. When my students go home and make delicious Asian dishes to share with their families and friends, we are creating a circle of sharing and understanding between people through food. Memories are made when people sit and share food together. THAT is why I love teaching at TFK.”

Class Assistant & In-Class Photographer

Help out, taste a lot of food, and learn from the best during our fun and fabulous Cooking Classes!

We are always looking for motivated and talented team members! Interested? Submit your resume today!

What do our Class Assistants & In-Class Photographer have to say?

– “People (in class) are nice and the Teaching Kitchen is a cool space.”
– “You get to learn about things while you work!”
– “As a High School student, it gives me a great opportunity to earn some money while also working on and improving my photography.”

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