Meet the newest member of The French Kitchen Team!!

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Featured Chef: Sébastien Seb (Copy)

Many of you have asked me if I would be the one working in the bakery…the answer is no. If I was back there baking there full-time, I would not have time to teach classes!
But I have the perfect baker and pastry chef for you: Sébastien.

I have known him since I moved to the USA 9 years ago. I remember discussions we had about opening a bakery! That day has finally come, and I am very proud that Sébastien is now part of my team.

He is from Valence in France, which is close to my hometown. We share some food specialties that we will offer in the bakery.


Do you know how hard it is to find an excellent bakery in France? I do not mean “just good”, I mean “wow good, I can’t stop”. When I lived in Grenoble, only 2 passed my standards of excellence.

Well, Sébastien undoubtedly passes!


You may not see him a lot, but you will pleasantly taste the fruit of his labour through:


breads like brioche, boule and crusty baguettes


viennoiseries like the traditionnal pain au chocolat and croissants, but be ready to see pastries you’ve never seen before!


delicious cakes and pastries including Opera, Royal, Napoleon, Strawberry Cake, tarts and so much more


typical French sandwiches, quiches, tartines and puff pastries delights


puff pastry dough you can buy in our boutique to have fun at home


the list goes on…



Sébastien, welcome to The French Kitchen! I can’t wait for the smell of fresh bread every morning.

A bientôt dans la cuisine!

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