Secret Shop Checklist

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Secret Shop Checklist

You will be grading each question from 1 – 5.

1 meaning “doesn’t meet expectation” and 5 meaning “meets expectation.”

As our guest we value your opinion and feedback. The expectation is yours, in how you would expect the store as our guest in your opinions. Please answer as honestly as possible with detailed feedback.

  1. Were you greeted within the first minute?
  2. Was the merch pulled forward, stocked, and well presented?
  3. Was the boutique stocked and clean?
  4. Were the restrooms clean and stocked?
  5. Staff had a smile, was pleasant and used your name, if known?
  6. Recommended product with knowledge/upsell?
  7. Were any promotions offered, if any?
  8. Asked to enter the rewards program and receive emails?
  9. Was there speedy service?
  10. Was the lobby clean and stocked?

We want a minimum of 6 questions answered during your visit with the red marked questions being most important. Do not let anyone know that you are here to secretly shop the store. You will be responsible for paying for your purchases. We also ask that you spend between $25-$50 (please pay by credit or debit card so we can reimburse you) to ensure the staff can offer any promotions, if any. Please copy and paste these questions into an email and include your score and notes for each question numbered 1-10 to: andrew.tfkcc@gmail.com.

At the time of receiving your feedback we will process a refund for your service. Please make sure to keep your order number to ensure you get the correct refund.

This is very important to us, and we thank you for taking the time to help us better our business and guest experience.

If you have any question or concerns, please contact Andrew at 719-651-3840

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