Secret Shopper

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Sign up to be a Secret Shopper by filling out some basic information. This will subscribe you on our Secret Shopper Newsletter, where you’ll get emails with the latest info on our program. If you know anyone who would want to be a secret shopper, forward them this page so they can sign up!

Once you have signed up to subscribe, schedule your shop to select a time and date to visit the store for your secret shopping excursion. The appointment times are not strict–you will have 3 hours from the start of your Calendly appointment to come to the store and shop.

On the confirmation page for your appointment, you’ll find a link to a survey that includes 10 different questions for you to rate your TFK experience on, from the state of the store to employee behavior.

Come in for your shopping excursion, but don’t tell anyone you’re a secret shopper! Spend between $25-$50 so that our employees have a chance to offer you deals and specials we may have. Only shop for cafe items, not frozen section or boutique items. Please pay by debit or credit card and remember to keep your receipt so that we can reimburse you.

Please fill out the survey within 30 minutes of leaving the store. Please include the order number on your receipt in the email so that we can refund the cost of your food purchase (up to $50)!

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