Almond Tile Box (5-Count)

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This treat is a specialty of Lyon, France (Blandine’s home town!). Enjoy the taste of the butter as you bite into these crispy, sweet almond cookies in a classic, curved tile shape.

Available in a box of 5 tiles. Keeps for up to 3 weeks in a resealable container. Do not refrigerate.


2 reviews for Almond Tile Box (5-Count)

  1. Sally Liverman (verified owner)

    These are the perfect ‘thank you’ gift . . . serious almond crunch, but not too sweet. Buy a few and share as you run your errands. Beautifully packaged!

  2. Monalisa F Taylor (verified owner)

    Scrumptious! Even with all the almond slices, it’s not oily and I don’t feel guilty eating the whole box(5pcs). These fancy treats make great client gifts.

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