Chestnut & Chocolate Mousse Queenet – As of 12/1

You’ve been good all year! Treat yourself to a Chestnut & Chocolate Mousse Queenet, a sweetened chestnut puree with just a hint of vanilla folded together with a rich, dark chocolate mousse inside our sugary, buttery Queenet and topped with soft chocolate cake crumbs.

This Queenet is part of our Taste of December Menu so you can enjoy it throughout the whole month, along with two other special flavors that are perfect for this holiday season, Holiday Spice and Cranberry Cream. SAVE with our Taste of December Bundle: 2 Scallop & Smoked Gouda Quiches + 1 32oz Tomato Basil Bisque + 3 December Queenets + 1 FREE Baguette!

Please Note: This item comes fresh and is best enjoyed the same day.

**AVAILABLE IN DECEMBER ONLY!** Please select a date in December for pick-up or delivery.





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