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Chef Blandine Mazéran, owner of The French Kitchen is giving you her so popular-delicious-crazygood chocolate chip cookies recipe from her rare Flash Cookie Class. She started developing this recipe back in 1995 from France and ran into all the challenges of getting the perfect ingredients, working the dough as it should and adapting to Colorado’s weather and altitude. Have fun with the family or just keep them all for yourself! We highly recommend getting a scale for this recipe. You won’t regret it!

The Cookie Kit includes 5 lb bag of flour, 2 lbs of butter, 2 500g containers of Belgium bake-stable chocolate chips, 75 ml bottle of gourmet vanilla extract, and our coveted Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. You will have enough to make 2 batches of 30 cookies (or 3 batches if you lower the amount of chips a bit). You will have extra supplies leftover as well. Happy Baking!

1 review for Cookie Kit

  1. Brittney

    Best cookies in springs for sure if not maybe the world! Get this kit for a fun activity with your kids or just for you. You will not be disappointed

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