Cookie Dough, 12-Count FZ

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Now you can bake our delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies in your own home and enjoy them warm! Just follow our easy instructions and savor. If you do not know our Chocolate Chip Cookies yet, you may get hooked… we always like to warn you!

NOTE: This item comes frozen.

4 reviews for Cookie Dough, 12-Count FZ

  1. Kristina (verified owner)

    I seriously want to give MORE than five stars! These cookies were amazing, and the perfect way to make just a few for a special treat. I make cookies from scratch all the time, and these were far better than any of my recipes (just don’t tell my mother).

  2. Kristen (verified owner)

    It may seem silly to get chocolate chip cookies from a place with the options of so many fancier French pastries! But you will NOT be disappointed. These are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had!

  3. Michelle M (verified owner)

    These are amazing cookies! Buttery and with the most wonderful melty chocolate chunks. We bought 2 dozen, but only bake 6 at a time for two of us. It would be too easy to just munch them all in a day other wise.

  4. Tom Tanner

    We LOVE TFK and all their goodies!!!

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