Waffles, 3-Count FZ

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We make our Belgian waffles in-house with Blandine’s mom’s recipe. Comes in a bag of 3 waffles that you can top with your favorite toppings.

NOTE: This item comes frozen. Comes with easy-to-follow reheating instructions.

2 reviews for Waffles, 3-Count FZ

  1. Sally Liverman

    Crispy, crunchy and hot out of the waffle iron and piled high with whipped cream . . . the best way to eat these (when served hot at TFK) . . . am sure reheating them will work too!

  2. Danelle

    Our family loves these waffles. They are airy and balanced in flavor. They are delicious with just a sprinkle of powdered sugar and extra decadent with whipped cream and nutella.

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