Classic Rillettes are a French delicacy! Imagine biting into the most exquisitely slow-cooked tender pork and duck pâté that has been simmered for hours in aromatic spices. Served with pickled shallots. Best enjoyed on a fresh baguette!

5.5 oz. Fresh and ready to eat.

Some ideas to enjoy these Rillettes:

1. You can make a sandwich, spreading the Rillettes, topping that layer with the pickled shallots and add some leaves of lettuce. Great news, we sell delicious half baguettes 😜!
2. You can serve it as little appetizers on slices of bread (toasted or not), top each slice with the shallots or gherkins and some chives.
3. Another appetizers option: Top each slice with a little dollop of sour cream, some shallots, a cherry tomato cut in half with a drop of balsamic vinegar.


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