Food Scale

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This Escali Arti Metallic Glass Food Scale measures up to 15 lbs. and easily fits in a drawer. Very easy to clean, use it for grams, oz. or lbs. Click here to see all colors available. Made in Italy. Can be part of our bread kit.


1 review for Food Scale

  1. Teresa Simmons

    If you don’t have a scale, you should check this out. It weighs in grams and pounds, and I’m learning that weighing ingredients is much more accurate than using cups. After taking several classes, I’ve learned how to weigh ingredients right in the bowl I’m using. Another ingredient to add? No problem. You can zero out the scale and weigh the next item. I love all the fun colors too. My only small complaint is that a wide bowl can cover the display. I have an Oxo scale where the the display can pull out, which can be an advantage. However my scale also got liquid behind the readout. I don’t think that can happen with this design. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to replace my scale because of the water damage, so this will be my choice.

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