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We are now opening our last boxes of our cute shopping bags. Once we are out, we will discontinue them. This is your last chance to buy them.
Did you know that when you order a delivery, we give you a free one, each time?
Four years ago, Blandine spent weeks on the design, convenience and sturdiness of these shopping bags. She looked at every stitch lines to make sure that even with 20 lbs of flour then would not tear! You will be able to use them over and over. They are also washable by hand.
Her favorite: the large one on the right with the bread design. Why? Because they follow the design of the Carrefour bags (our main grocery store in France). People in France use the Carrefour bags for so many things, not just shopping because they are just perfect! She remembers her first trips back to France when she would go back to Carrefour and would buy 10 new bags to bring back here. Well now, she made her own, even sturdier.

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