Sourdough Boule (Sliced)

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A light sourdough, not too strong. Perfect with butter, honey, cold meats, and cheese. This Sourdough Boule comes sliced. Please note, this product cannot be ready before 9:00 am and cannot be sliced before 10:00 am. All deliveries  will receive a frozen Sourdough Boule.


3 reviews for Sourdough Boule (Sliced)

  1. anne rabern

    This was a delicious addition to the menu. The bread was delicious for hot and cold sandwiches, and made the most amazing toast.
    It was very nice to have the option of a pre sliced loaf.

  2. Tony

    Again, early and warm, sliced with butter and honey. My favorite. Warm with butter or simply rip it a part and eat it one ball at a time. Eat slowly… Enjoy it long term.

  3. jeneane tate (verified owner)

    Fantastic for toast, sandwiches, and one of my favorites – small cubes including crust with a gold olive oil, salt and pepper. No other bread seems to make the test. I’ve bought bread all over town and none matches this bread.

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