Taste of June Bundle

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Enjoy the bounty of a delicious Summer Harvest with our Taste of June Menu featuring a vegetarian celebration of fresh flavors, ripe veggies, and seasonal inspiration – straight from the farm! All 100% vegetarian-approved!



See full menu below.


Our Taste of June Bundle includes:

  • Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese Quiche – This vegetarian quiche features flavors fresh from the farm: a velvety smooth goat cheese and fresh sweet onions in a Dijon mustard-brushed House-Made quiche dough combined with our rich, creamy quiche filling.
  • Harvest Vegetable Split Pea Soup – This delicious vegetarian soup is a favorite soup of early summer overflowing with fresh veggies. Try it cold for a healthy and refreshing meal or top it with a dollop of sour cream and fresh lemon!
  • Birthday Cake Queenet –Summer birthdays abound, especially on the farm with fuzzy lambs and adorable yellow chicks. Celebrate the beginning of summer at The French Kitchen with a fun & festive yellow cake batter center inside our sugary, buttery Queenet.


PLEASE NOTE: The baguette and queenets are best enjoyed the day of. Soup comes frozen. For delivery, quiches will be delivered cold for freshness with reheating instructions included. For pick-up orders, quiches will not be heated until your arrival. If you would like it heated prior to your arrival, please call us 10 minutes in advance.


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