TFK Shopping Bag, Large


Our TFK Shopping Bags are extra sturdy and environmentally-friendly so you can use them time and time again. We designed the strongest, most durable reusable bags based on a French design – but improved with extra stitching, added strength, and our own unique style.

This is the same type of bag that is extremely popular in France. Blandine used to buy tons of these bags whenever she visited France. French people use these bags for literally everything – not just for grocery shopping, but for moving, to take to the pool, for bringing in logs for the fire, seriously, you name it!

These bags can hold several pounds of flour or a 5-course chef-prepared meal from our Frozen Market without breaking! Trust us – we’ve tested them!

Size: 45cm x 39cm x 21cm. Water-resistant. Hand washable. GO GREEN! 🌿 Bring in your reusable TFK bag for $1 off your order*! (*Not available on deliveries, with non-TFK bags, or in conjunction with plastic bags.) Please note: We cannot take used bags back, but they are great for sharing with friends and family!




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