Winter Weather Policy:

If the National Weather Service has issued a Severe Storm Warning for any location within the city limits of Colorado Springs, you can choose to Cancel or Transfer the affected class registration(s). Cancellations will receive a full refund. If you wish to transfer to a different class, please email us with the Class, Date, and Time you wish to transfer into within 24 hours.

We here at the French Kitchen understand that weather conditions change as the day progresses and are different in different parts of the state. Due to our state size, if we decide to keep classes because weather conditions are not severe in the TFK area, and there are no travel/storm warnings as stated above, but you feel unsafe to travel because of weather conditions in your area, you can cancel the class and receive a 50% refund for the class*

We make every effort to run all scheduled classes regardless of the weather. We only cancel classes in extreme weather conditions. If D-11 school district closes we will not be holding class (classes will still be held on a 2-hour delay). On days where D11 schools are not in session, weekends and breaks, but we need to cancel class you will receive a phone call at least 2 hours prior to class time.

When a class is canceled due to inclement weather, all participants will be given a refund.

On days with severe weather, please check this page for updates on the class status.

* In order to receive the 50% refund, you must cancel at least 1 hour from the class time by email or phone. Any cancellations less than 1 hour of the class time will be considered a no show and a refund will not be possible.