Exclusive TFK Syrups
from Maison Routin

Now available!

This is something we’ve wanted to do for the last 11 years…and have finally gotten the chance! We’ve partnered with 1883 Maison Routin syrups to bring you an exclusive line of never-before-seen flavors that perfectly represent our Team:

  • Nate: Blueberry Cobbler
  • Janon: Beef Wellington
  • Sébastien: Baguette
  • Blandine: Butter
  • Hogan: Caprese Croissant
  • Tiffany: Cherrytine

Visit us today and take a bottle home or enjoy a Bebolo or Fizzy Bebolo with one of the new flavors! For those in classes, we’ve already added the new flavors to our syrup bar, so you can try them all!

We’ve even treated 3 very special VIPs to their OWN custom syrup flavor created in their honor. They have done so much to support us over the years – and have taken over 650 classes combined – that we just had to do something truly memorable to show our appreciation.


  • VIP Linda: Coffee Éclair
  • VIP Leslie: Vanilla Éclair
  • VIP Lisa: Chocolate Éclair

What is a VIP, you ask? Great question! VIPs are guests who have taken at least 15 classes with us. Our VIPs receive exclusive sales, discounts, offers, private parties, announcement previews, and priority registration.

Join our VIP elite and get great perks, cool swag, and maybe one day your own 1883 Syrup flavor!

Order your bottles today and don’t forget to add a pump for convenience!
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Did You Know?
Every year on April 1st, Blandine has a new idea, a new dream for The French Kitchen. In 2019, we announced a Rooftop Patio. In 2020, just after the Covid shutdown, we announced our Drone Deliveries (which caught the attention of the FAA!). 2021 brought you The TFK Food Bus. Then, 2022 introduced our TFK Vending Machines – coming soon to an airport near you.

Gotcha again! 😂 April Fools!

Watch out, because April 1st is Blandine’s favorite day of the year.
Now you know, so don’t be fooled next year! We love you all!
Thanks for reading and for being the most amazing customers we could ask for! Merci!