We are turning up the HEAT to sizzling!

Book a private Naked Chef Party
and enjoy some intimate culinary instruction,
some cheeky humor, and a whole lot of good, clean fun!

In France, you can rent a Private Chef to come to your house… with just an apron… and entertain you while cooking! What a service! That was something I have always wanted to offer… for Bachelorette Parties, for example, but for many other events too!

It’s your lucky day, VIPs, because we recently found two Chefs in Denver that are willing to come to Colorado Springs for Private Events. But this exclusive service is reserved for VIPs and their guests only!

So how does it work?

  • Parties must be reserved a minimum of 2 weeks in advance
  • Participants must be 18 or older to participate (IDs will be checked)
  • Privacy curtains will be drawn in the Teaching Kitchen during parties
  • Wine is available for purchase with valid ID
  • Choose between 3 sexy menus:

Aphrodisiac Delights
Sesame Steamed Oysters
Prosciutto Fig Pizza
Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles

Saucy Nibbles
Olive Love Bombs
Chocolate Chilli Pork Tacos
Sticky Pomegranate Pecan Bites

Midnight in Paris
Peach & Goat Cheese Tartine
Coquilles Saint-Jacques
Spiced Brandied Cherries

Who will you choose?


Pick your preferred Chef
for the same price!

Would you rather cook with…

Sam in black…

…or Julio in orange?

They are easy on the eyes, but they are also great Chefs. Trust me, they know their way around a kitchen!

Ready to get cooking?

Sorry, you can’t. We only have our 5 very talented, but fully-clothed Chef Instructors.
Did we get you a little hot under the collar? April Fools! B got you… again!

Better luck next year!

Did You Know?
Every year on April 1st, Blandine has a new idea, a new dream for The French Kitchen. In 2019, we announced a Rooftop Patio. In 2020, just after the Covid shutdown, we announced our Drone Deliveries (which caught the attention of the FAA!). 2021 brought you The TFK Food Bus. Then, 2022 introduced our TFK Vending Machines – coming soon to an airport near you.


April 1st is Blandine’s favorite day of the year. Now you know, so don’t be fooled next year! We love you all! Thanks for reading and for being the most amazing customers we could ask for! Merci!

Gotcha again! 😂 April Fools!