Born during a crisis... instant favorite!

Launched on the first day of the 2020 pandemic crisis, this unique creation was originally called a "Kouignette" (as A miniature version of the Kouign Amann cake that originates from Brittany, France), but since no one knew how to pronounce it..... we quickly changed the spelling to make it easier for everyone! No matter what you called it, our Queenets were a hit!

Don’t miss out!

We highly recommend pre-ordering as Queenets are our #1-selling pastry! These tasty treats are baked fresh daily, so we quite often run out…… and we hate to see anyone disappointed!

Order fresh Queenets here!

Here's what people have to say about Queenets!

– “Holy mother of all baked goods!”
– “I had to hide mine from my husband”
– “I want to marry the queenet baker man!”
– “These are soo good just looking at it makes me drool!”
– “Heavenly!! A rare treat!!
– “It’s a kiss of France”
– “These are little packages of heaven!”
– “Oh myyyy. That was so so so so good.”
– “They really are truly delicious. As a matter of fact addicting is the perfect word.”
– “I ordered a bunch for our neighborhood and they were a huge hit!!
– “So delicious you can’t tell your family about them so you can have them all to yourself!”