One Team, One Promise

The French Kitchen Experience

We believe everyone should be able to experience the joys of French cooking. We believe recipes should be as enjoyable as they are doable. We believe food should be memorable experiences shared between family and friends. So, we make it easy for the whole family to participate in the French culinary experience.

Because there’s no better way to connect people than with food, and we want to accomplish exactly that — one table at a time.

From Our Kitchen to Yours

Give the Gift of Great Memories

When we share food, we’re sharing memories. And we believe that gift should be shared with the whole family. That's why we offer cooking classes for kids, teens, and adults. So whether you’re doing the cooking, the eating, or both, we’ll be giving you the gift of great memories. Our gift cards can be used for our Bakery, Classes, Café, and Market....everything we do!

Gift Cards Available

Meet the Team!

Say hello to the incredible people who make it all possible!

Blandine Mazéran

CEO & Chef Instructor

Blandine Mazéran moved from France to Colorado Springs in 2008, and she’s been sharing the art of French cooking ever since.

You may have known her as the personal chef of Chez Blandine, or as the owner and chef of Wholly Crêpe. But today, she’s recognized by a different title: Blandine Mazéran of The French Kitchen culinary center — the woman uniting families around the dinner table with the art of French cuisine.

As a single mother of three girls, Blandine fully understands the hustle and bustle of daily life. That’s why she’ll give you recipes that are quick, easy, and doable in large quantities.

Blandine may not have professional credentials (she's self-taught!), but she has turned her love of baking and French cooking into an art - and she loves sharing that passion with others!

Her promise to you:
- Simple yet detailed recipes you can reproduce anywhere
- Tips and tricks for organization and faster cooking
- A variety of alternate techniques to try
- No crazy ingredients that you can’t find in stores
- No fancy utensils that you can’t find in your own kitchen
(Blandine’s favorite ingredients and utensils are available for purchase in The French Kitchen boutique!)

Sébastien Mullebrouck

Head Baker & Pastry Chef

Sébastien is originally from a small village near Valence, France, where his passion for French baking first began. Before moving to the States in 2000, Sébastien undertook several apprenticeships to hone his craft, starting as a baking apprentice for Boulangerie Dufour and eventually becoming a pastry chef apprentice for Patisserie Dagand.

After moving to Colorado Springs, Sébastien was eager to expand his career. He worked at several upscale restaurants and bakeries in Colorado Springs, searching for one that truly felt right.

That’s when he found The French Kitchen — his home away from home.

Today, Sébastien is proud to be a part of the French Kitchen family, and he loves sharing his passion for French baking with his customers. He’s not just a phenomenal baker and pastry chef, but he's also Blandine’s right-hand man and regularly advises her in all aspects of the business.

Hogan Ahrens

Head of Production

“A good meal may not change your whole life, but it can certainly change your day”

Hogan Ahrens started his culinary career in Colorado Springs when he began a 6000-hour apprenticeship program with the American Culinary Federation in 2004. Three years later he completed the program while working simultaneously as a Sous Chef at the Garden of the Gods Club where he would remain until 2010. Hogan then resumed his education completing his bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from UCCS in 2011.
Since then he has expanded his knowledge and experience by working at restaurants around the springs including Nosh, and most recently the Warehouse Restaurant where he has been for the past five years.
A US Marine Corp Veteran Hogan spends his free time with his wife and three children typically outdoors playing lawn games or sitting by a fire. When he’s not entertaining them with his humor, you can usually find him extending his creativity beyond the professional culinary world by creating something new in the woodshop or in his home kitchen.

Nathan Potter

Pastry Chef Instructor

Graduating high school, Chef Nate followed his passion for science on his way to becoming a high school chemistry teacher, but…. through a series of friendships and personal decisions…. he eventually realized that a different kind of chemistry was for him.

So, after finishing a chemistry degree at the University of Rochester, Chef Nate immediately enrolled in culinary school. He came to Colorado Springs by way of an externship from the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute through The Broadmoor Hotel and, over the last 18 years, has worked his way up from a Baking & Pastry Extern to be the Pastry Chef Manager. During his time at the Broadmoor, Chef Nate plated food for former Presidents and First Ladies, and even shook the hand of the famous Chef, Jacques Pepin.

When not at work, Chef Nate enjoys spending time at home with his wife and three children. His hope is that when all of his children go off to college, they will be able to impress their friends with being able to cook more than just a packet of ramen noodles. And, to that end, Chef Nate has taken the time to write a family cookbook!

Chef Nate is excited for the opportunity to be closer to baking and closer to you - the ones who truly enjoy the food! Join him in our Teaching Kitchen and let him show you how to take your baking and pastry game to the next level!

Anne Doan

Chef Instructor

Originally from Vietnam, Anne came to the US when she was just 10 years old. Cooking is a hobby and a passion for her. A self-taught home cook and an avid cookbook collector, she has over 500 cookbooks in her home library! Believe it or not, but Anne has read all of her cookbooks from cover to cover! She is also very lucky that her mom is a wonderful cook, in her own right, and when Anne was young, she was often next to her mom in the kitchen helping her prep and cook many meals. As a former Navy spouse, Anne made it a point to always seek out opportunities to learn from local home cooks in all of the places she has lived.

Anne’s journey from Vietnam to the US took her on a journey to far away places like Thailand and the Philippines. During her time in those countries, the fondest memories she has are about food. Even during her time in refugee camps set up by the UNHCR, you wouldn’t think it, but some of the most delicious food that she has ever eaten were meals shared with fellow refugees. She will tell you that they were some of the most memorable meals in her life! Later, growing up in Northern Virginia, she met many people from many cultures that shared food with her and her family.

Anne’s favorite memories are always centered around food being cooked in home kitchens, whether they are a Filippino kitchen, a Korean kitchen, a Chinese kitchen, or in her mom’s kitchen - the common thread is always a fun and delicious meal to be shared with friends and family. After she married her Navy husband, an adventure that took her to many more places to explore and to build her culinary skills! During her over 20 years as a Navy spouse, she was lucky enough to live in and completely immersed herself with the local cultures. No matter where she lived, she was always very fortunate and blessed to be ``adopted`` by others, whether they were her French neighbors, or her Japanese hiking buddies, who showed her how to make wonderfully diverse family meals. Her adventures have given her the opportunity to experience cuisines from all over the world and helped shape her unique perspective and palate.

To Anne, food is memory. Sharing a meal with family and friends is one of the best ways to show love and bring people together. Food is how she shares her incredible experiences with others and she is excited to share those experiences with you, too!

“I realized very early the power of food to evoke memories, to bring people together, to transport you to other places, and I wanted to be a part of that.”
-Chef Jose Andres

DarLee Anderson

Chef Instructor

I love Colorado because I enjoy hiking and biking in the outdoors so much. Even when I lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New Jersey, I was always outside. My greatest joy is my family, which is rapidly expanding. We have 4 kids and 8 Littles, all under the age of 7, with another on the way. I love really good food and started cooking before Kindergarten. My husband and I travel often and have been to many countries. My favorite activity is snorkeling....and eating chocolate. Just not at the same time.

Jason Miller

Chef Instructor

Jason hails originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, where he started his lifelong career in the culinary arts as a dishwasher. “From there on, I worked very hard, learned as much as possible along the way, as well as got very lucky to work with incredible mentors who were willing to share their knowledge with me.”, he says of his career path.

With a very strong desire and passion to learn every aspect of the culinary world, his path took him from those humble beginnings, learning about gulf coast, Latin and Caribbean cuisines, to the city of New Orleans and the melting pot of creole, French, and of course, Creole and Cajun cooking. He worked there for many years, eventually becoming the executive sous chef at the Windsor Court hotel working under the late Rene Bajeux, master chef of France. This was a learning experience of a lifetime, the menu changing entirely every three weeks, and the dining room being rated 5 stars and 5 diamonds. After moving on from this experience, Jason moved into executive level chef positions, and proceeded to move to Lafayette Louisiana, (Further developing his cajun cuisine skills and knowledge), Austin Texas, and then to Colorado Springs.

It was as the assistant dean of Paragon culinary school that he came to the city. After helping to establish the curriculum there, he has been chef of several establishments locally, (The Blue Star restaurant, The Colorado Springs Marriott, and The Mining Exchange Hotel/Springs Orleans would be the most notable highlights.). After 20 years in the area, Jason is excited about this next chapter of sharing his knowledge with the public, “It’s always been my favorite part of the industry, teaching others and sharing the knowledge that was so generously shared with me through the years.”.

When he is not cooking, Jason enjoys foraging for wild mushrooms, brewing beer, and working in his garden.

“I would like for my classes to educate and inform students not only in technical skills of how to cook, but to be able to transform how they look at the world of food. To hopefully be able to free them from simply following a recipe, and instead truly listen to their own creative souls, and follow the path that the ingredients are leading them down.”

Luis Pagan

Chef Instructor

Though Chef Luis Pagan began his career in the U.S. Army, he was always drawn to cooking. This passion led him down a path that would result in him being a 3-times-over restaurant owner and accomplished culinary instructor.

For his first restaurant, Chef Luis channeled his native Peruvian/Puerto Rican cultural upbringing into a delicious menu. However, he quickly realized his passion for cooking wouldn't be enough on its own. This led him to enroll in the PPCC Culinary Arts Program, where he would discover his true passion: teaching.

While Chef Luis began taking classes at PPCC, his instructors quickly saw his potential, and within no time, he was teaching courses himself. It wasn't long before he became the Culinary Arts Chair at PPCC. Over the years, Chef Luis expanded his knowledge and experience by opening a second restaurant and a coffee shop. On top of that, he's also taught Culinary Arts at a correctional facility and worked as a Culinary Instructor for the Fountain Fort Carson High School Culinary Program. Now, we're proud to announce that he's joined The French Kitchen family.

Chef Luis Pagan is excited to share his unique philosophy surrounding cooking. When you take classes with him, you'll gain not only vital culinary skills but also an understanding of what makes a perfect dish truly successful.

Logan Hexter

Class Assistant Extraordinaire

Thanks for being an amazing part of the French Kitchen Team, Logan!

Cléa Brutel

Admin and Wholesale Corresponder

Blandine's oldest daughter.

Pearline Brutel

The Octopus

For more information on her title, you may find Pearline in the teaching kitchen, the back kitchen, the office, or anywhere else. Previous Member of The AwesSome Team: Administrator of Website and Excellent Superior Supervisor Of Technology Management Execution.
Also Blandine's middle daughter.
Days usually consist of work, sleep, and anime.

Emie Brutel


...and when she's not producing cookies at the speed of light, she's also a class assistant. Blandine's youngest - but tallest - daughter! As a hard of hearing person, she wears hearing aids and has learned to read lips, and now she has begun studying ASL (American Sign Language) in High School.

Hearing impaired? Ask for Emie! Emie has offered to help assist or translate for anyone who is deaf or hearing impaired and wants to take Cooking Classes with us! If you let us know, we can have Emie be your Class Assistant . Although she is not an official interpreter.... yet, she is happy to help out in whatever way she can! Requires advance notice and must be outside of school hours.

Tiffany Anderson

Executive Assistant & Administrative Manager

Thanks for being an essential part of the Team, Tiffany!

Alex Wilson

Café Attendant

Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, Alex!

Isabel Munoz

Café Attendant

Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, Isabel!

Kristina Varga

Lead Prep Cook

Thanks for being a fabulous addition to the Team, Kristina!

Robert Grant

Prep Cook

Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, Robert!

Danielle Heidkamp

Prep Cook

Welcome to the Team, Danielle!

Ana Henson

Prep Cook

Welcome to the Team, Danielle!

Sean Mcgehee

Prep Cook / Café Attendant

Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, Sean!

Kenneth Groce-Flowers


Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, Ken!

Jessica Plemmons

Baker's Assistant

Welcome to the Team, Jessica!

Abbigail Caballero

Baker's Assistant

Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, Sabrina!

Karolyn Vanegas

Baker's Assistant

Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, Sabrina!

David Chontos

Delivery Driver

Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, David!


Artist & Shopper

Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, Lauren!

Kristal Alfonso

Wine Sommelier

Kristal is a retired KC-135 pilot, originally from North Carolina. Her husband is originally from Pueblo, and they both retired from the Air Force in Colorado Springs and have been living there since 2010. While she was on terminal leave from the Air Force, Kristal attended Cook Street Culinary School in Denver, earned her butchery certificate from the Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat, and her Level 1 Sommelier certification from the International Sommelier Guild. She is currently a Level 2 certified sommelier with the International Wine Guild and Kristal also teaches yoga at a local studio.

Kristal has attended lots of classes with The French Kitchen ,but her favorite class has to be Potatoes, since they are one of her favorite foods! She loves pairing wine and food together, and potatoes can pair with anything... making it the perfect food for her. Kristal also enjoys the bread classes and taking classes with her son.


#1 VIP with over 350 classes!

We love our VIPs! We see them so often, they might as well be a part of the Team! Welcome to the Team, Amy!
(Become a VIP when you take at least 15 classes with us!)

From Amy:

I love to cook and was self-taught, after being kicked out the Home Economic Kitchen back in Middle School. I will never forget what the teacher told me – “go to wood shop you will never be successful in a kitchen; you will burn the place down.” I did not attempt to cook again until I was out of school. Being self-taught you know there were some issues in the kitchen however I learned from them all. When I moved to Colorado, I wanted to learn how to cook in the altitude so looked for a cooking class and that is when I found Blandine and The French Kitchen. Since the first class, in her home kitchen, I have grown leaps and bounds as a cook.

At The French Kitchen I have been honored to learn different skills and recipes from a variety of Chef’s. I have a selection of go to recipes for every day and then fancy ones for holidays, parties or when trying to impress the in laws. The French Kitchen is not just about the classes it is more about the friendships, bonds, and the love of food that is shared with everyone. With over 160 classes I still look forward to learning new things but I really enjoy the camaraderie between everyone.

VIP Linda

#2 VIP with over 350 classes!

We love our VIPs! We see them so often, they might as well be a part of the Team! Welcome to the Team, Linda!
(Become a VIP when you take at least 15 classes with us!)

From Linda

I’ve always liked to cook but I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I started taking cooking classes at the French Kitchen. But they’re more than just cooking classes…they’re exciting, entertaining, relaxing and you meet a lot of fun people. There are thousands of ingredients, new cooking techniques and equipment to learn about, understand and use—it’s never-ending. And don’t forget the butter and cream that make everything taste good. Now I LOVE to cook. And since you never learn enough about the things you love, there will always be classes for me to take…even repeat. I’m an OK cook, but I’ve learned to be creative beyond a recipe, and that can be magical. I especially love that my husband, Bob, loves to eat, and do dishes. It wouldn’t be as much fun if he didn’t!

Sometimes you just know what you want to be doing once you retire from your career. So you start doing those things before you retire to try them out. Cooking classes stuck. But I also love to do international folk dancing, which I’ve done since college and have continued since. I’ll never stop learning new dances. We’ve also rescued a West Highland Terrier that takes up a bit of time too. I’m sure he wishes he had all of our attention.

VIP Lisa

VIP with over 250 classes!

We love our VIPs! We see them so often, they might as well be a part of the Team! Welcome to the Team, Lisa!
(Become a VIP when you take at least 15 classes with us!)

From Lisa:

After I retired I looked for a way to keep busy and I found the French Kitchen.
I enjoy learning new things and learning new exciting recipes at The French Kitchen is amazing. It’s great making so many dishes from scratch that are nutritious as well as delicious. My other activities include quilting , as well as arts & crafts.
I can’t ask for a better retirement.

VIP Penelope

Top VIP with over 125 classes!

We love our VIPs! We see them so often, they might as well be a part of the Team! Welcome to the Team, Penelope!
(Become a VIP when you take at least 15 classes with us!)

From Penelope:

Retired principal, professor and wildlife rehabber, loves to bake ,travel , garden, and read. The French kitchen has been such a joy to me !

Blandine's classes gave me a new take on life and a renewed passion for baking. I just think she is beyond wonderful as an instructor and visionary entrepreneur and admire what she has done so much.

Big ``B``

Door Greeter & Team Mascot

On a particularly blustery day, Big ``B`` blew away like Mary Poppins on the wind! But don't worry! She'll be back soon and will be better than ever!

VIP Mary

Top VIP with over 100 classes!

We love our VIPs! We see them so often, they might as well be a part of the Team! Welcome to the Team, Mary!
(Become a VIP when you take at least 15 classes with us!)

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What are your regular Business Hours?

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What Days Are You Closed?

We are closed in observance of the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and December 26th.

Do I need to worry about food allergies?

Both our kitchens processes foods containing wheat, nuts, dairy, shellfish, and meat. Because we use the same tools across all classes, we can't guarantee a totally sterile environment. If you have questions and/or concerns about this policy, please email us before signing up for a class.

How do I book a class?

That’s easy! Just visit our classes page and click on any date and time to register and pay for a class.

Do you offer catering?

Yes! We would LOVE to cater your next event! Browse our Catering Solutions or contact us directly to discuss special requests. Catering orders are for pickup only (unless other arrangements are made in advance).

Why is the flour you use different?

We pride ourselves in using a premium European-style flour that is unbleached and unbromated in all of our baking and cooking. Many of our gluten-sensitive clients have reported that they can happily enjoy everything we make with this flour! We also have it available for purchase in our Boutique.

Are you a sit down restaurant?

Yes! In addition to Carry-Out and Delivery, we also offer Indoor Dining options including a bar counter with workstations and a comfy sofa. We also offer outdoor seating (weather permitting).

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