One Team, One Promise

The French Kitchen Experience

We believe everyone should be able to experience the joys of French cooking. We believe recipes should be as enjoyable as they are doable. We believe food should be memorable experiences shared between family and friends. So, we make it easy for the whole family to participate in the French culinary experience.

Because there’s no better way to connect people than with food, and we want to accomplish exactly that — one table at a time.

From Our Kitchen to Yours

Give the Gift of Great Memories

When we share food, we’re sharing memories. And we believe that gift should be shared with the whole family. That why we offer cooking classes for kids, teens, and adults. So whether you’re doing the cooking, the eating, or both, we’ll be giving your family the gift of great memories. These are also good for the boutique, bakery, and café...everything we do!

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Meet the Team!

Say hello to the incredible people who make it all possible!

Blandine Mazéran

Owner & Chef Instructor

Blandine Mazéran moved from France to Colorado Springs in 2008, and she’s been sharing the art of French cooking ever since.

You may have known her as the personal chef of Chez Blandine, or as the owner and chef of Wholly Crêpe. But today, she’s recognized by a different title: Blandine Mazéran of The French Kitchen culinary center — the woman uniting families around the dinner table with the art of French cuisine.

As a single mother of three teen girls, Blandine fully understands the hustle and bustle of daily life. That’s why she’ll give you recipes that are quick, easy, and doable in large quantities.

If you are looking for professional chefs’ techniques, credentials, or professional material, this is not the place. There are some great cooking schools out there, and Blandine is ``just`` self-taught. But if you are looking for a great place to learn and share the art of French cooking, then Blandine’s kitchen awaits!

Her promise to you:

- Detailed recipes that you can reproduce anytime, anywhere
- Tips and tricks for organization and faster cooking time
- No fancy utensils that you can’t find in your own kitchen
- Alternative techniques if you don’t have the necessary utensils
- Blandine’s favorite utensils and ingredients available for purchase in The French Kitchen boutique
- Simple techniques you can reproduce anywhere
- No crazy ingredients that you can’t find in stores

Sébastien Mullebrouck

Head Baker & Pastry Chef

Sébastien is originally from a small village near Valence, France, where his passion for French baking first began. Before moving to the States in 2000, Sébastien undertook several apprenticeships to hone his craft, starting as a baking apprentice for Boulangerie Dufour and eventually becoming a pastry chef apprentice for Patisserie Dagand.

After moving to Colorado Springs, Sébastien was eager to expand his career. He worked at several upscale restaurants and bakeries in Colorado Springs, searching for one that truly felt right.

That’s when he found The French Kitchen — his home away from home.

Today, Sébastien is proud to be a part of the French Kitchen family, and he loves sharing his passion for French baking with his customers. He’s not just a phenomenal baker and pastry chef, but he's also Blandine’s right-hand man and regularly advises her in all aspects of the business.

Hogan Ahrens

Head Chef

“A good meal may not change your whole life, but it can certainly change your day”

Hogan Ahrens started his culinary career in Colorado Springs when he began a 6000-hour apprenticeship program with the American Culinary Federation in 2004. Three years later he completed the program while working simultaneously as a Sous Chef at the Garden of the Gods Club where he would remain until 2010. Hogan then resumed his education completing his bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from UCCS in 2011.
Since then he has expanded his knowledge and experience by working at restaurants around the springs including Nosh, and most recently the Warehouse Restaurant where he has been for the past five years.
A US Marine Corp Veteran Hogan spends his free time with his wife and three children typically outdoors playing lawn games or sitting by a fire. When he’s not entertaining them with his humor, you can usually find him extending his creativity beyond the professional culinary world by creating something new in the woodshop or in his home kitchen.

Anne Doan

Chef Instructor

Hi! My name is Anne. I am a mom to three very active kids. They keep me busy with their activities and school work! I love to cook, eat, and share meals with friends and family. I collect cookbooks and I love to read cookbooks, I have over 200 cookbooks in my growing library! I love to craft, sew, crochet, I love to take pictures of nature on my hikes, I love to get my hand dirty in my garden and I love to travel.

I grew up in Vietnam and came to the US when I was 10. My life has always been around food, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been in the kitchen either with my mom or with my mom’s kitchen helpers! I was raised to have three full meals a day that my Mom happily made for us. She was a very adventurous cook! There was nothing that she couldn’t make or recreate at home! My cooking is greatly influenced by my Mom’s cooking and the memory of my childhood in Vietnam.

As a young adult off to college at The College of William and Mary, I met many international friends that also loved to cook and eat good food like myself. There I learned how to cook food from Greece, Japan, Thailand, the Middle East, China, and the Philippines.

As an adult, I married my husband and together we lived all over the world! With his career, we were lucky enough to live in France. There I was determined to learn how to make French food from my retired neighbors. They became my extended family, my neighbors taught me how to make food the way they make it and not like fancy French restaurants. I shopped, ate, and cooked like a local. I shared many delicious meals with my neighbors.

After France, we were lucky enough to live in Japan for a few years. Again, I jumped right in and found a few wonderful ladies who were willing to take me in and taught me how to make food like they do. I shopped, cooked, and ate like a local. I shared many delicious meals with my extended family in Japan. I also learned so much from them on how to eat and how to appreciate food.

Cooking and eating for me is a way to create memories for my family. A dish can take me back to each place and time that I’ve shared with the people that I’ve met in my life. I love to cook and share food with friends and loved ones. It is how I show people I care about them.

I hope with each dish that I share with you, it will bring good memories for you and your loved ones. I am just happy that I have this opportunity to share my joy of cooking with you. Thank you!

Janon Bourgeois

Chef Instructor

Chef Janon Bourgeois has taken the long route to Colorado Springs. As an honors graduate from the Oregon Culinary Institute (Portland, Oregon), Chef Janon founded a successful catering company, café, restaurant consulting service and a professional clown party business. Chef Janon has been teaching culinary skills for a number of years through the local school district, wineries and private parties.

Chef Janon has lived in several European countries throughout her life, gladly returning to the USA each time to create new experiences and twists on the classics. Fresh from nearly a year in the Loire Valley of France, she has found her true calling here at The French Kitchen.

Chef Janon enjoys road trips with her husband and cooking with her son. She also loves to paint, hike and read tarot cards. She is excited to share her experience and expertise with you!

Darlee Anderson

Chef Instructor

I am very fond of the outdoors, so moving to Colorado 5 years ago from Minnesota was a gift! I love to travel, snorkel, bike, hike, lift weights, do Pilates, and read. And, of course, I love food--GOOD food! I enjoy my meals long before I start eating them. In fact, I am usually thinking about dinner before I'm done eating lunch! The aroma, the color, the beauty of a delicious plate of food makes me swoon. I want my food to look pretty. I am a big believer in whole, real, fresh ingredients like organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, clean meat, and CHOCOLATE.
I am a recently retired volleyball coach and fitness instructor. I decided it would be more fun visiting my 6 Littles who are not all in Colorado. Thank you, children, for having babies!! My husband does have a real career, but his other (self-appointed) job is Quality Control when I am in my chocolate-making season--a task to which he readily submits. He took over after all the kids left home.
I started cooking when I was three and have not been out of the kitchen since. Following a recipe is, to me, restrictive, so I usually wing it (although reading a recipe book cover to cover is a delight!--that's where I get my inspiration). I was so happy to find TFK and meet Blandine. The classes are so fun and a great way to make new friends. And.....I always learn something.
I am thrilled to have a venue to share my love and self-taught talent of chocolate. 20 years ago I began simply with covering pretzels in chocolate. Now at Christmas I create over 1300 hand-dipped chocolates in 15 varieties that I gift to friends and family. Those secrets are now being shared with you!

Jeff Webb

Baker's Assistant & Chef Instructor

Jeff is a Colorado Springs native, who originally started as a prep and line cook for a small restaurant, then quickly switched to a career path of baking and pastry. Jeff built his broad baking skills while working in a small cake shop while attending culinary school with a baking and pastry focus. Jeff fell in love with the bread baking process While working at the Broadmoor Hotel and quickly advanced to a lead baker position. After two and a half years, Jeff changed restaurants to learn more about baking creative and unique breads and pastries. Jeff is excited to join The French Kitchen team and use a variety of techniques to create seasonal menus and delicious bread and pastries. Growing up, Jeff was not exposed to a wide variety of foods and as a result, Jeff's goal as an instructor is to help expand his students' culinary experiences!

Kristina Varga

Prep Cook

Welcome to the Team, Kristina!

Victoria Wynsma

Prep Cook

Welcome to the Team, Victoria!

Cady McElroy

Café Attendant

Cady is a Colorado Springs native, although she moved to Florida for a brief time to fulfill her dream of working at Disney World! Ask her about some fun Disney facts! Cady has studied at culinary school, but much prefers to work up front with customers. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, hiking with her wife and three kids, and anything Disney related! She also has lots of fun experimenting with all sorts of hair colors.

Tiffany Anderson

Café Attendant

Welcome to the Team, Tiffany!

Delaney Thomas

Café Attendant

Welcome to the Team, Delaney!

Heather Currie


Heather is originally from Pennsylvania, but has lived in The Springs for the last 4 years. She is married with 2 boys (ages 7 and 2). She has 3 dogs (small, medium, and very large), and a Russian Tortoise named Waffles. Growing up Heather was a gymnast and performed shows on the Exhibition Team. She taught pre-school and pre-K gymnastics classes for 5 years. In 2017, Heather became a certified Yoga Instructor and has taught yoga in North Carolina and Colorado. Although she enjoys baking, Heather HATES cooking dinner. She says if she won the lottery she would hire a personal chef and never cook again. Namasté!

Kristal Alfonso

Sommelier, Chef Instructor, Cheesemonger

Kristal is a retired KC-135 pilot, originally from North Carolina. Her husband is originally from Pueblo, and they both retired from the Air Force in Colorado Springs and have been living there since 2010. While she was on terminal leave from the Air Force, Kristal attended Cook Street Culinary School in Denver, earned her butchery certificate from the Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat, and her Level 1 Sommelier certification from the International Sommelier Guild. She is currently a Level 2 certified sommelier with the International Wine Guild and Kristal also teaches yoga at a local studio.

Kristal has attended lots of classes with The French Kitchen ,but her favorite class has to be Potatoes, since they are one of her favorite foods! She loves pairing wine and food together, and potatoes can pair with anything... making it the perfect food for her. Kristal also enjoys the bread classes and taking classes with her son.

Jack Embery

A.W.E.S.S.O.M.E Team Member & Chef Instructor

Member of The AwesSome Team: Administrator of Website and Excellent Superior Supervisor Of technology Management Execution

From a young age, I remember going to both of my grandmothers’ houses and cooking various dishes. This sparked my interest in cooking delicious meals from a young age. At age 8, I discovered Blandine’s In-Home French Cooking Class. Since then, I have taken any and every class I can with Blandine. After completing numerous classes, I became the first teenage V.I.P. When I'm not in the kitchen, I enjoy skiing in the Rocky Mountains and hanging out with my family. I look forward to showing your kids the basics of cooking and laying the foundation for a a lifetime of talented of cooking.

Logan Hexter

Café Attendant

Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, Logan!

Lily Whitman


Welcome to the French Kitchen Team, Lily!

Luke Hexter

Café Attendant

Welcome to The French Kitchen Team, Luke!

Cléa Brutel


Blandine's oldest daughter.

Pearline Brutel

A.W.E.S.S.O.M.E Team Member

Member of The AwesSome Team: Administrator of Website and Excellent Superior Supervisor Of technology Management Execution.
Also Blandine's middle daughter.
Days usually consist of work, sleep, and anime.

Emie Brutel

Cookie Professional

Blandine's youngest but tallest daughter!

Big B

Team Mascot

Big B joined our team in honor of Blandine's 40th birthday. She always RIGIDly supports her coworkers in all their efforts and is an overall STAND-UP gal! Come by and say hi!
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Questions? We’re here to help!

What Are Your Hours?

Monday - Saturday from 7:00am to 3:00pm
Sunday: Closed
Private Events can be scheduled outside of regular business hours by appointment.
We will be closed on the following days: 11/26/20, 12/25/20, 12/26/20, 1/1/21, and 1/2/21

What Days Are You Closed?

We are closed in observance of the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We will also exceptionally be closed on Saturday Dec. 26 and Jan 2nd.

Do I need to worry about food allergies?

Both our kitchens processes foods containing wheat, nuts, dairy, shellfish, and meat. Because we use the same tools across all classes, we can't guarantee a totally sterile environment. If you have questions and/or concerns about this policy, please email us before signing up for a class.

How do I book a class?

That’s easy! Just visit our classes page and click on any date and time to register and pay for a class.

Do you guys cater?

Yes! We would LOVE to cater your next event! We’ll just need a 48 hour notice for orders. Orders are for pickup only (unless your order is approved by one of our managers and a delivery fee has been charged). Just call (719) 528-6295 to order and pay over the phone.

Why is the flour you use different?

We pride ourselves in using a premium European style flour that is unbleached and unbromated in all of our baking and cooking across our center. What we love about it is that we have heard from many clients (although not a guarantee), that even if they are gluten sensitive, they can eat everything we do with this flour. Give it a try! We even sell it in our shop.

Are you a sit down restaurant?

We are a grab and go service. Our savory items can be taken to go hot or cold or eaten in our café. Due to current Covid restrictions, we do not offer any dine-in options.

Give the gift of togetherness

Nothing connects people more than food!

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Monday – Saturday: 7am to 3pm
Sunday: Closed
Private events can be scheduled outside of opening hours!
Holidays observed: New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day


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