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All classes have been canceled until further notice. We are uncertain when we will be able to hold them again. Please be patient with us as we are handling all of these cancellations. The best way is to contact us by email if you need but it may take us up to 4 weeks to handle class cancellations as our top priority now is to stay open. Click here to view a video explaining the reasons why we are not reopening yet.

Cooking Classes

Come join us in our in-store kitchen and learn new cooking skills and many types of recipes. Go home with all the extra food you don’t eat in class, recipes, and the knowledge to recreate what you made in class. At The French Kitchen, we go beyond just offering a cooking class, it is a unique experience that will bring you more than just cooking skills.

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Private Events

Book a private cooking class party with us! If cooking isn’t your thing, but eating is… our chefs will prepare a French buffet you’ll never forget!

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Small Classes

Receive one-on-one attention and learn to work with others in our small group classes. Our classes are capped from 6-12 students depending on class type, letting us help give you the guidance you need.

Take Home Food

Most of our classes have you bringing home plenty of delicious food! We also sit to eat at the end of most classes together to taste what we created.

Hands On

Put on an apron, and get ready to cut, mix, and knead your way through each recipe. Our classes are open to all skill levels regardless of age.

Learn from the Best

Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and with that, have a variety of cooking cuisines and knowledge to offer and share.

In class...

  • Classes are 1-5 hours long
  • You’ll be cooking and standing most of the class. Accommodations can be made if you need assistance. Our kitchen is ADA compliant.
  • Please wear comfortable flat close-toed shoes, tie back long hair, and remove jewelry such as bangles and rings. Wear clothes that can be worked in.
  • You’ll receive 10% off new classes booked and all items purchased in-store for the day of your class.
  • Enjoy a generous taste of the food you make, and take home the rest. Class descriptions will inform whether a full meal will be served in a particular class.
  • Be ready to have lots of fun!

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From Our Kitchen to Yours

Give the Gift of Great Memories

When we share food, we’re sharing memories. And we believe that gift should be shared with the whole family. That why we offer cooking classes for kids, teens, and adults. So whether you’re doing the cooking, the eating, or both, we’ll be giving your family the gift of great memories. These are also good for the boutique, bakery, and café...everything we do!

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