• Napoleon
  • Palmier
  • Apple Turnover
  • Meat Friand
  • Vol au Vent (Bouchée à la Reine)
  • Raspberry Napoleon

Class Description

How to play with puff pastry in easy ways. Whether you use this amazing flaky and buttery dough for sweet or savory creation, you can rest assure you will not be disappointed. Learn classics of French cuisine including a Napoleon and its modern version, a TFK creation: a Raspberry Napoleon. In this class, we choose to teach you how to use puff pastry, not how to make puff pastry as we always like to make your life easy in the kitchen. In this class, we will use puff pastry made in our bakery with real butter! Sample some of your treats (no full meal) and leave with one of each individual treats. Please note the technique of puff pastry is not taught in this class (frozen vacuum sealed puff pastry is available in our store for purchase at 10% off at the end of your cooking class). Want to learn how to make Puff Pastry? Take Chef Nate’s Quick Puff Pastry class!

*Please Note: Recipes may be altered based on the availability of products.