Apremont Wine


Made from the local Jacqu√®re grape, Apremont de Savoie is the perfect wine for traditional fondue! Bright, light, and crisp, this acidic wine elevates the cheeses used in our Gourmet Fondue. Because of the smaller production in the Savoie, this wine can be hard to find…but we have it stock for you, ready to go!

Also included with our Gourmet Fondue Kit that comes with 3 gourmet cheeses, 1 bottle of Apremont Wine, 2 fresh baguettes, and our fondue recipe!

750ml/25.4oz. You must be 21+ and add food to your order to purchase this beverage. Delivery and Curbside pick-up personnel will verify that any customer receiving an alcohol order is over the age of 21. Subject to availability. If this wine is unavailable, we will substitute a similar wine.


If you love fondue, you can learn to make it in our All About Cheese 1 Class that includes our exclusive recipe!



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