Instant Yeast

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This Instant Yeast is easy to use because it requires no proofing or pre-dissolving! This fast-acting and long-lasting yeast continues to work for hours longer than “rapid” yeast and is reliable for breads, pizza dough, and any baking needs.

1lb. Store in an airtight container for 6 months refrigerated or at room temperature or keep frozen for a year or longer.

Also available as part of our make-at-home Bread Kit.


You can learn to make a variety of breads using this yeast in our Bread & Jam Class!

2 reviews for Instant Yeast

  1. J Martin

    You will no longer find grocery store yeast in my house; I’ve replaced it all with French Kitchen’s saf-instant yeast. Fortunately at the rate I’m baking while we’re sheltering-in-place it is highly unlikely I’ll pass expiration dates, but thankfully you can store the opened container in your fridge “for optimum results”.

  2. Kathleen (verified owner)

    We make ALOT of pizza in this house. I hate the little packets of yeast. Silver lining of the quarantine…finding French Kitchen and this yeast. The best we’ve ever used.

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