Baguette Pan

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Cook 4 baguettes at a time to get the perfect shape, size and crust. Non-stick. Cleans easily. Made in France. Can be part of our bread kit.

3 reviews for Baguette Pan

  1. Jennifer

    I took the Breads class with Blandine 10 months ago and of course my baking kicked in to high gear once stay-at-home orders were sent out. I’ve carefully followed directions about wiping the cooled pan down with a microfiber cloth (avoiding soap & water) and my bread pan is holding up really well! Pricey, a bit, worth it? Every. Penny.

  2. Teresa Simmons

    If you’re going to bake baguettes, you have to have this pan. It may seem a bit expensive, but I’ve used this pan so many times. After 2 years, it’s still in great shape. My baked bread doesn’t stick to the pan, and my baguettes look professional. This pan was a worthwhile investment for me.

  3. Kathleen (verified owner)

    I started making baguettes from a sourdough starter using this pan along with their bread flour and yeast…AMAZING. Been in colorado 26 years and never been able to make bread like this.

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